Beginner Lessons

30 Minute private

Our beginner rider lessons are available for riders of all ages, from age 5 - 95. Beginner lessons focus on safety and basics of not only riding, but general horsemanship. Students will learn how to safely navigate horses both on the ground and in the saddle, as well as grooming, tacking, and will start their riding journey. 


Group Lessons


Group lessons are available for students that have either successfully completed our beginner lesson program, or have attained a similar foundation within another riding program. Students will be paired with riders of similar experience level with similar goals. Each student must be able to groom and tack up their own horse prior to beginning a group lesson. 


Private Lessons


Private lessons are offered for riders of all levels with an emphasis on Huntseat Equitation. Private lessons are an excellent way for riders to work on specific goals or challenges one-on-one with the instructor. Haul-ins are welcome. 




riding lesson inquiry

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